Kati channels her enthusiasm and energy to empower others to live a life with peaceful minds and hearts filled with love.

9210Yoga is a beautiful space that accommodates only 12 students therefore each and every student gets all the attention needed to develop a great practice and to grow.

Kati believes yoga is a powerful way to free mind and body from self-limitations and that through practice, people can access the very essence of who they are.  Over the years she has developed her own unique teaching style comprised of dynamic multi-dimensional classes using deep breath work with a great focus on alignment. She addresses each individual’s needs and limitations, creating a safe environment for her students to be guided through physical, emotional and spiritual pathways.

“What began as an exercise routine evolved into a mind-body connection that has helped me balance a complex life”
-Carole H. Rockville

“I’ve always had inner strength, thanks to Kati I now have inner peace…”
–Marggie W. Ashton

“I was able to do things I never thought I could do! After we are done, I feel so good with positive energy for the week!”
-Melanie T. Potomac

Contact Kati via Email: yogawkati@gmail.com

“Yoga is for everyone.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar

“The main problem in the world is stress. It is not going to decrease—it is going to increase. If through pranayam the shock can be harnessed, the entire stress and disease can be eliminated.” ~Yogi Bhajan