About Kati

kati-poseKatalin “Kati” Gimes – Ajeetdev Kaur has received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2004 and she hasn’t stopped studying the rainbow of yoga traditions, new and old, from teachers like Lauren Peterson, Annie Carpenter, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Sarah Powers, John Schumacher, Dharma Mittra, just to name a few. Kati incorporates all these styles into her teaching that also reflects her own practice.

She has studied yoga therapy with Mukunda Stiles and took an advanced course on Yoga and Ayurveda.

Her latest love is Kundalini yoga, the king of all yogas. In 2012 Kati completed her teacher training and is a KRI certified Level 1 (200 hour YA) Kundalini teacher. Her life has been completely transformed by this practice and she is very eager to share this amazing technology.

Kati moved to the United States 23 years ago from Budapest, Hungary where she was a television producer. She made a new life here, raised two wonderful daughters, and now her purpose is to use her enthusiasm and energy to empower and inspire others to live a life now with peaceful, quiet minds and hearts filled with love.


“I’ve taken yoga classes with a number of instructors, and Kati is hands down my favorite.  She combines traditional yoga styles to create challenging and engaging sessions.  I like that we are always learning new things.  I also like that she helps each individual modify poses to fit their own abilities.  Having said that, she also strives to push me to grow and expand beyond my perceived limits (physical and mental).  I always leave Kati’s classes feeling calmer, stronger, and renewed.”
-Dana Y. Potomac

“ What began as an exercise routine evolved into a mind-body connection that has helped me balance a complex life” 
-Carole H.

“I’ve always had inner strength, thanks to Kati I now have inner peace…”
Marggie W. Ashton

“My individual Yoga sessions have a very special place in my weekly schedule. When I first started, although I had been exercising regularly, I was aching all over. Since she introduced me to Yoga, I have absolutely no pains. Her appraisal of the situation each time is amazing.  She sees me walk in and knows immediately which area of the body needs attention; sometimes it is just breathing. She is a great teacher, knowledgeable and resourceful and I trust her absolutely.” 
-Miriam I.

“Four years ago with lower and upper spinal column disc problems from overdoing my favorite activities, gardening and biking, I came to Kati for a consultation. She integrated mind, body and sprit concepts and through yoga practice with her I have come to a new world of life and vitality. In doing yoga continuously for the past four years, I have experienced several different classes and instructors. I find Kati’s classes very fresh and inventive.”
-Phillip M. Silver Spring

“I was able to do things I never thought I could do!  After we are done, I feel so good with positive energy for the week!” 
-Melanie T. 

“After wanting to try yoga for many years, I attended a class with Kati and was immediately hooked.  Kati has a gentle approach to teaching which puts the student first in a non-competitive and inviting environment.  Even though there are other students in class, I always feel that Kati looks out for me, making sure my yoga is technically good (or as good as it could be!) while also challenging me.  As Kati says, “If you believe you can do it, then you will,” whether it is something as simple as trying to calm oneself in order to meditate or to kick up into a hand stand.  The lessons of yoga with Kati apply everywhere, from relationships to work, from our minds to our bodies, and especially to our inner selves.  Yoga with Kati is transformative and positively affects every part of my daily life.  I cannot imagine yoga without Kati!”
-Cam SBethesda

“Yoga has changed my mind, body and soul. Kati’s individualized attention and passion for yoga makes the class unlike any other yoga experience. I even get up at 5:30am to come to her early morning classes! It gives me positive energy that carries with me throughout my day.”
-Lauren B. Gaithersburg

“The individual attention she gives makes it possible to get it right and not hurt yourself. It isn’t about the poses per se, but it is about where you are in the practice. And that means working with your body at that particular moment. That feeling of being in the moment is one of the great feelings I get from being in the class. The physical benefits have resulted in weight loss, better balance, more flexibility and more strength. All good things to carry into the next few decades of my life! The feeling of being anchored and of letting the stress go at the end of the week makes me a better person to be around, and more effective in my work. Her good humor and understanding of each student make the classes a joy. I always look forward to them, even when I think I am too exhausted. Invariably I feel energized after each class.” 
-Dieneke J. 
Montgomery Village

“Kati’s class has been such a positive inspiration in my life. Her class provides me with the balance that I need for a busy life.  It’s a great workout for the mind and body. It was the best Christmas gift my husband ever gave me.”
-Garlin H. 

“I feel so lucky to have Kati in my life.  She has motivated and inspired me in so many ways: from starting a home based business, to beginning dating after a divorce, to changing furniture around in living room.  With insight, tact, empathy and wisdom, she has helped me to find happiness and satisfaction in my life.”
-Francine Meyer, Silver Spring, Maryland

“I was having a tantrum about growing up in a homophobic society and being ashamed to come out as a lesbian and living an agonizing lie until the ripe age of 45. I couldn’t accept that I’d just wasted all those decades trying to fit into the straight world, and I was raging against all my friends and therapists who fell for my act. Kati never gave up on me, and pushed me just as far as she needed to. If not for her, I would probably still be ranting and raving. What a waste of energy!”
-Lisa G., Washington, DC

“Kati has helped me un-collapse my thinking from what I really need to get access to for my life. My perspective was coming from a place of social acceptance and people in my life, rather then what I truely wanted. Gaining access to new insights has opened the path for creativity in everything I do. Kati has helped me shed patterns of circular, unproductive thinking. When she asks why, I feel free to explore the answer because the question is coming from a listening and inspired approach to life.”
-Katie H., Germantown, MD